Asian Story Theater
Helpers/Co-Sponsors/Creative Collaborators

Losina Art Center
Losina Art Center, host and Producing Partner for the preview performance/s of THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN
Centro Cultural in Balboa Park
Producing Partner for THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN, performances November 12-13.
Bali Hai Restaurant
Producing Partner for THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN, performances November 18 & 20.
Healii's Halau

Producing Partner for THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN, performances November 19.

Maritim Museum of San Diego
Producing Partner for THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN, performances November 25-27.
La Patrie GuitarsGodin Guitars La Patrie/Godin providing a parlor-style Motif guitar for THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN
Vietnamese American Youth Alliance Help with actors and reaching community (many schedule issues with student affiliates, though)
Fuerza Mundo Gallery Mario Torero (and son) helped with the Pachacamac research, connected us to Peru and Ccntero Cultural
Tlingit Tribal Council Assisted with research, vetted script, and connected to a local Tlingit who loaned us her Chilkat robe

Jacobs CenterMarket Creek Plaza

Adventures in amphitheatres, rain, construction, daylight, wind.
Carvin Guitars Cobalt 12-string for emulating the redoubtable George Kahumoku's music.
Remo Drums Taiko prototype and first commercial models for SUNDANCE (2002)

Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble

Fun for the first SHAVE ICE
Pasacat Anna Cabato was terrific in contacting and recruiting dancers and music.

San Diego Public Library


Lynn Whitehouse and excellent staff helped get together this challenging collaboration.
JAHSSD Joyce & company enabled cast and crew to speak with some of the people who lived this ordeal.
San Diego Foundation Touring assistance, some audio equipment, timely and very helpful
Cygnet Theatre Co-presented this special project, underwritten by Dr. Marianne MacDonald
Halau 'O Pualani Auntie Barbara's first contact with our company, as a guest after KAHUA
Healii's Polynesian Revue Healii contributing choreography, costuming, kids, and herself(2001) in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2011

Vireak (Pony) Samuth helped connect with this group, training Kali

Fern Street Circus

Circus gear et al, and young Vanessa Hudgens to boot

Angahara Dance Ensemble

Ramaa Bharadvaj, our superstar (and occasionally mute) Hanuman


Partner for The Asian Americas Project, with California Arts Council and a gang of young writers

United Way of San Diego

Three years of support for the outreach aspect of our company

Teatro Mascara Magica

Long-time partnership, 2 tours; no real TMM website, but LA PASTORELA is forever
Center for World Music

Dr. Bob Brown, Sumandhi, Bali, and Puspa Warsa/
Giri Natum

San Diego Black Ensemble Theatre Rhys and company helping on THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN
San Diego Chinese Center Ken Toy, Maya Hu, Chinese Story Theater, Professor Chu; where things began
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