"Worthy...impressive...delightful cast; memorable songs, a spectacular world-music score. A fascinating study of the ego and life of Paul Gauguin."- SanDiegoTheaterReviews.com

"Music has a multicultural flavor, ranging from very good to wonderful. A complicated individual, Brisby's book doesn't flinch at showing the artist's sides and conflicts. Outstanding projections also tell the story. This new musical could have a long life to come." - Jeff Smith, THE READER Theater Critic "Worth a try"


ENCORE: The Musical Paul Gauguin, Part 1
With the assistance of the Chula Vista Arts Council and the William Virchis Visual and Performing Arts
Department at Sweetwater Union High School District, this is a one-night-only event that includes
district performing arts students working alongside professionals for this unique event. 8pm on May 4.
All Seats $10 - Brown Paper Tickets

PREVIEW: November 6 at the Losina Art Center
Special preview performance at 6pm, all seats $15. Note: seating is extremely limited
All Seats $15 - Brown Paper Tickets

November 12-13 at Centro Cultural de la Raza
in Balboa Park, San Diego

In partnership with the Centro Cultural, attendance includes access to the newGoganizmo!exhibit.
Hosted by Centro Co-founder and 40-year Artivist Mario Torero, this exhibition features indigenous arts of
the world, inspired by the spiritual quest of us all. Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 6pm.
Half-hour before each show is a classical guitar mini-concert, featuring compositions by
South American composers (Mangore, Villa-Lobos, others)
Tickets $25 Adults/$20 Students, Seniors, and Military

November 18 & 20 at Bali Hai Restaurant
on Shelter Island, San Diego

In partnership with the Bali Hai, San Diego's legendary Polynesian venue, guests can visit the
Bali Hai's unique collection of Polynesian carvings and artifacts when they attend the performance.
Guests can complement their experience with a spectacular array of fresh seafood and island favorites (separate charge).
Curtain time is Friday at 8pm, Sunday at 6pm, with a Tahitian dance pre-show at 7:30pm.
Tickets $25 Adults/$20 Students, Seniors, and Military; Call for special dinner pricing

November 19 at Heali`i's Polynesian Revue
7499 Convoy Court, San Diego

In partnership with Healii's Polynesian Revue and Kumu (teacher) Kathy Gore Stanley, this performance
will feature an opening performance of Tahitian drumming and dance at 7:30pm, 8pm curtain.
Tickets $25 Adults/$20 Students, Seniors, and Military/Group pricing: 619/527-2816

November 25-26-27 at San Diego Maritime Museum
at the Embarcadero in San Diego

In partnership with the Maritime Museum, performances will be presented aboard the Berkeley Ferry Boat,
moored alongside the iconic Star of India. Tickets include admission to the Maritime Museum's
"Three Voyages to Paradise" exhibition, housed aboard the Berkeley, and
featuring 100 carvings, paintings, and other work by Paul Gauguin himself!
Curtain time is 8pm on Friday and Saturday, 6pm on Sunday. Come early to enjoy the exhibit.
Tickets $35 Adults/$30 Students, Seniors, Military, and Museum Members
Tickets available for order from: San Diego Maritime Museum,
Brown Paper Tickets, and Eventbrite

Telephone contacts

Brown Paper Tickets (all shows except at Maritime Museum) - 1-800-838-3006
Maritime Museum of San Diego (November 25-27 only) - 1-619-234-9153
Press, General Questions, Group arrangements - 1-619-527-2816

Also watch for Sneak Peek excerpt performances of
The Musical Paul Gauguin

Sunday, July 17 2pm at the House of France in Balboa Park
Songs from Gauguin's swashbuckling early years in France, featuring his cigar-smoking wife, Mette

Sunday, September 25 9am at the Pacific Islander Festival on Mission Bay
Songs and dance in excerpts from Gauguin's years in Tahiti

Saturday, October 1 1pm at the FALL FOR THE ARTS Event, Broadway Pier
Click for Event information

~ more to come ~


The life story of the world-traveling artist Paul Gauguin is a modern tale of multiculturalism and the social cost of creative freedom. Gauguin himself grew up among the ancient and pre-Columbian artistic traditions of Peru, then pioneered the artist colonies of Celtic-descended Brittany in northwest France. Creatively freed while living among the freed slaves and West African rhythms of Martinique in the Caribbean, Gauguin ultimately rejected Europe to live and paint on the opposite side of the world, the Pacific paradise of Tahiti. Gauguin was himself an amateur musician, who lugged his mandolin, guitars, a French horn and a full-sized harmonium with him to Tahiti, and he often used musical metaphors to illuminate his artistic work and theories.

This is a multimedia project incorporating text from Gauguin and other contemporaries to recount the artist's life, mixed with some of the most stunning and revolutionary artwork ever created. The spectacular world-music score is as dynamic and diverse as Gauguin's own work, and developed in collaboration with professional recording artists from Peruvian, Polynesian, Breton, and Caribbean musical traditions.

Creative team

The book and lyrics are written by Kent Lee Brisby, working from the prolific writings of Gauguin himself. Mr. Brisby has authored more than a dozen produced plays and musicals, including the musical THE WEAVERS SONG, about blacklisted musical superstars of America in the 1940’s and 50’s. He previously served as Artistic Director for the National Theater for Children and Pacific Asian Actors' Ensemble, and has directed stage productions for San Diego's Old Globe Theatre and the San Diego Zoo. The lead composer is Stu Shames, currently the Director of the Philadelphia Songwriters' Project and a former collaborator with Brisby on the musical A FEW HOURS IN HELL.

To help bring Gauguin's diverse experiences to the stage, the creative team includes talent with a diverse flair. The Artivist Mario Torero has helped bring Gauguin's Peruvian roots into the story. New Zealand-based Opetaia Foai of the Pacific fusion band TE VAKA has composed one of the key themes for this project. Francisco Astudillo of the Latin Folk Music group TINKU has assisted with the Peruvian music, and Joaquin Mcwhinney and Rhys Green with the Caribbean and Martinique segments. Hawaiian music producer Quintinn Holi has assisted with the Polynesian music, working alongside Kumu Kathy Gore Stanley of Heali'i's Polynesian Revue for choreography. The creative team is rounded out by Gingerlily Lowe as Assistant Director, Patrick Wheyland as Musical Director, Andy Lowe as Technical Director, Cheryl Lindley of Lindley-Lopez Circus for costumes, with interactive video programming designed by Marilia Maschion with Albert Songyee Park. Deborah Climo keeps things running as Production Stage Manager.

Partners & links


Maritim Museum of San Diego

Centro Cultural in Balboa Park

Bali Hai Restaurant

Healii's Halau

angelPointerCity of Chula Vista Performing Arts Grant link


Writer/Director's note

For all his drug- and alcohol-fueled affectations, as a person Gauguin was a white guy in a mid-life crisis. He took a pirate's approach to the world, traveling far and helping himself to whatever caught his fancy. He also had a gift for synthesizing his experiences into extraordinary visual art, and an irresistable ambition to prove that ability to everyone else. Every artist has faced Gauguin's dilemma: accepting conventional responsibiities vs. pursuing his artistic potential. These are not opposites, and I firmly believe these goals are not incompatible. But every now and again, a choice is unavoidable and the priority unmistakable. His entire life, Gauguin struggled against his own expectations. His personal writings are filled with the hope that commercial success as an artist would one day lead to the reunion of his family. Yet whenever the choice was between taking some new risk for his art, versus going home to be father to the family he left behind, there was really no question whether he would make that conservative, conventional choice: "Not me." Time after time and for no logical reason, Gauguin bet on himself and rolled the dice. Mostly, he himself paid the price for his choices, in illnesses, addiction, and ultimately death. For all his morally suspect choices, I think there is something both tragic and noble about the guy.

If only he found some one woman with the bravery of his mother, the toughness of his wife, and the laughing beautiful spirit of his Tahitian girlfriend(s), he might have kept things in balance. As the writer, I dedicate my work on this story to Gingerlily, who is all of the above and my wife.


Cast & Crew
Byron LaDue ~ Paul Gauguin
Connie Viado ~ Aline, others
Kat Fitzpatrick ~ Mette, others
Rhys Green ~ Mango Mama, others
Michael Nieto ~ Van Gogh, others
Edieann Heali`I O Nalani Stanley ~ Teha’amana, others
Albert Park ~ Ky Dong, others
Jena Doiron ~ Teha`amana, others (11/13/11)

Patrick Wheyland ~ Conductor, Guitar 1
Kent Brisby ~ Synth Guitar

Deborah Climo ~ Stage Manager
Gingerlily Lowe ~ House Manager
Andy Lowe ~ Interactive Lighting

Creative Team
Written & Directed by Kent Brisby
Music by Stu Shames, Quino McWhinney,
Opetaia Foa’i, Francisco Astudillo,
Rhys Green, Quintinn Holi, & Kent Brisby

Assistant Director ~ Gingerlily Lowe
Technical Director ~ Andy Lowe
Musical Director/Arrangements ~ Patrick Wheyland
Costume Design ~  Cheryl Lindley-Lopez
Projection/Animation Design ~ Marilia Maschion
Projection Assistant ~ Albert Park
Choreographer ~ Edieann Heali`i O Nalani Stanley
Marketing Consultant ~ Andy Lowe
Craft Services ~ Gingerlily
Puppets & Costume Construction ~ Lynn Dewart

Goganizmo! Exhibit Curator
& Peruvian Arts Consultant ~ Mario Torero

Musical credits

Peru Dream
Music by Francisco Astudillo, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Adiyus Huenyo
Music by Francisco Astudillo, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Pirate on the Bourse
Music & Lyrics by Kent Brisby

My Wife's Cigar
Music & Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Music by Stu Shames, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Cold Copenhagen
Music by Joaquin McWhinney & Kent Brisby, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Breton Roses
Music & Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Freedom in Martinique
Music by Rhys Green, Lyrics by Rhys Green & Kent Brisby

Tambou/Let It Go
Music by Joaquin McWhinney, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Music by Stu Shames, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Everything Must Go
Music by Stu Shames, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Mette's Goodbye
Music & Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Welcome Koke
Music & Lyrics by Quintinn Holi

River Meets the Sea
Music by Opetaia Foa'i, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Uncertainty/Teha's Goodbye/Finale
Music & Lyrics by Kent Brisby
Special arrangement by Patrick Wheyland

House of Wood
Music by Stu Shames, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Where are We Going?
Music by Stu Shames, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Loves of a Painter
Music & Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Music by Handel, Lyrics by Kent Brisby

Company biographies

Byron Ladue is featured as Paul Gauguin. Byron’s previous role for Asian Story Theater was Fred Hellerman in, “The Weaver’s Story.”   He is an Atlas Award winner at the Old Globe Theatre and member of the award-winning songsters of tasteless humor, the Piparoos. Byron has performed roles in a large number of now-defunct theatres;  The Bowery, The Gaslamp Quarter Theater, Starlight, Opera, The Fritz, The Marquis Public Theatre, 12th Night Repertory, The Great American Melodrama, Mosaic Rep, Fiesta Dinner Theatre, Ensemble Arts,  The Old town Opera House and the San Diego Street Theatre.  It wasn’t his fault. Don’t give up your day job. Byron has written scripts for Mystery Café,  Lunchtime Theatre, San Diego Street Theatre, Spontaneous Combustion and specializes in customizing birthday\anniversary shows. He writes and produces custom murder mysteries for corporate events. He met his wife, Kathi Diamant, when they appeared together in the Gaslamp Quarter Theater’s production of “The Nerd.” Currently he is assisting her in gathering travelers for her Magical Mystery Literary History Tour.  Ask him about tickets.

Kat Fitzpatrick is featured as Mette Gauguin and other roles. Ms. Fitzpatrick is excited to be working with Asian Story Theatre again. She might as well call it “Brisby Productions’, because under that title this is the fifth show she’s done for this fearless company.  Two of the shows were Brisby Originals, the first original show called A Few Hours in Hell where she played the Deadly Sin Envy; she also played Ronnie in the original show The Weavers.  Now she is looking forward to playing Gaugin’s wife Mette in this new musical. Kat’s other memorable roles include  Prudy Pingleton/Female Authority Figure in San Diego REP’s production of  Hairspray, Marian in Swingtime Café and Diane Whettlaufer in Sealed for Freshness at Onstage Playhouse, the evil Commissioner Doyle in AnnieWarbucks, Ms. Amalgum/guidance counselor in Alice, and Sonia in Godspell at CCT. She also enjoys performing at various events with her a capella group Vocals Only. In addition, Kat is involved in children's entertainment, having traveled around San Diego performing with the Music Box Storytellers and hosting Kids Clubs as Pop the Clown, and she has won national awards for her children’s recording “The Little Stegosaurs.”

Connie Viado is featured as Aline Gauguin and other roles. Connie Viado is licensed Attorney in the State of California and businesswoman.  She serves as a Boardmember for the Westwood Elementary Foundation as well as for Asian Story Theater.  Over the years, she has performed in many of Asian Story Theater's annual productions, including Shaved Ice.  She is thrilled to be part of this musical about the artist Paul Gauguin.

Edie Heali'i Stanley is featured as Teha'amana and other roles. Edieann Heali’i O Nalani Stanley is the Alaka’i and Artistic Director of Heali’i’s Polynesian Revue. She was featured at her first performance at 1 yrs old, and has continued to perpetuate the Polynesian arts. Edie Heali’I is the former Miss Pacific Islander 2005 and Miss Hui O Hawai’i 2001 and 2002, representing the Hawaiian community. Edie Heali’i graduated from San Diego State University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Business Administration. She has performed as a soloist in the documentary of Kim Taylor Reece and for many of Hawai’i’s music legends, including HAPA, Amy Hanaiali’i Gilliom, Kapena, Makaha Sons, Aunty Genoa Keawe, Dennis Kamakahi & Son, Ciril Pahinui, Herb Ota & Son, Ernie Cruz Jr., Darleen Ahuna, Aaron Sala, Na Palapalai, Daniel Ho, Tia Carrera, Makana, and Justin where she has performed through Japan, Hawaii, Tahiti, the West Coast, Las Vegas, and with the Nashville Symphony in Tennessee.

Rhys Green is featured as Mango Mama and other roles. Mr. Greene is co/founder and artistic director of the San Diego Black Ensemble Theatre. He earned his BFA in acting from the California Institute of the Arts, after which he joined the Creative Arts Team out of New York University, teaching conflict resolution. Mr greene was a teaching artist with the Crossroads Arts Academy in Los Angeles, La Jolla Playhouse, North Coast Rep, Young Audiences, Fights Are Us (teaching classical and contemporary stage combat styles) and the San Diego Black Ensemble Theatre. Mr Greene has appeared in several national touring companies and numerous productions in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC and San Diego as well as a stint with Sea World’s Cir De Le Mer. Mr. Greene has been doing a yearly stage combat workshop at bishops high school and staging fight choreography for some of their main stage productions. You can also listen out for Mr. Greene playing a jazz concert at the performance annex with the legend Daniel Jackson in October.

Albert Songyee Park is featured as Ky Dong and other roles. Albert is excited to be in his second production at Asian Story Theater. The San Diegan has portrayed the Bellhop in Lend Me a Tenor at North Coast Repertory Theatre, Steve Song in the one-man show GAM3RS at 10th Avenue Theatre, Wang Chi-Yang in SDAART’s production of Flower Drum Song at La Jolla Playhouse, Rabbit in
Year of the Rabbit at Asian Story Theater, HYH in Yellow Face at Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company, and Lefty in SDAART’s production of BFE at La Jolla Playhouse. He can also be seen in a number of short films and has had his animated films screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Albert is a graduate of UC Berkeley and lives with his wonderful wife, Jenny, in North Park, where he mildly tolerates their two cats. Mildly. He wishes to thank KL Brisby, Gingerlily Lowe, the cast and crew, and Asian Story Theater for another truly memorable experience.

Michael Nieto is featured as Vincent Van Gogh and other roles. Mike Nieto is delighted to be performing in this production. He has performed for improv and traditional theatre troupes in LA, San Diego, and New Zealand. Locally he has performed with the Scripps Ranch Theatre, the Compass theatre, the Asian Story Theatre, SOHO, Sea World, and The Theatre Inc. Television credits include "The Fugitive Chronicles" on A/E. Stage combat choreography credits include: Romeo and Juliet (LB Shakespeare), Troillus and Cressida (Compass Theatre), and Jaguraina (SOHO). Some of Mikes favorite performances include: Cyrano (Cyrano de Bergerac), Feste (Twelfth Night), Nick (Over the River and Through the Woods), Dracula (Dracula), Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet), and coaching the talented FOOSH improv team at UCSD. Mike is also a juggler, a former sea turtle biologist, plays the banjo, and earned his BS from UC San Diego.